Bulk SMS

Do You have a need to send a lot of SMS’s ?

We have contracts on place for nearly all mobile operators globally ! We can provide You a WEB-interface to send Your customer communication messages based on Excel sheet or to provide HTTP and SMPP API’s to connect Your application with the mobile network globally.

Ask price for Your region if You are interested to use our super stable connection network*.

If You want to have more interactive connection with Your customers, don’t forget our Mobile Application Development services ! Simple application can provide significant savings when compared to SMS’s due the operator free push messaging services. We can for example push once a week an offer for Your subscribers in certain location and the click leads to direct option to purchase Your products !

You can reach us by email henri.hovi@patidure.com or by phone +358 45 2390 9020


*Minimum purchase applies for bulk messages. SMS marketing restrictions may apply in some countries.

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