Hooxter is the missing piece for people looking for new dating experiences. Hooxter makes it mobile!

It is a revolutionary way to discover cities and meet new people in Your immediate vicinity.

How does it work?
When arriving to a new city, start up Hooxter and there simply pops up a map with the hottest spots in town! You can zoom and pan over the map and find the route to places that You would never have been able to find without Hooxter.

At the destination, by simply clicking the Nearby function, Hooxter scans the area for You and lists the dates that are the best match to Your profile.

Scroll through the matches, find the one you love, hit the Connection request and wait for feedback!

When connected, depending on the communication activated by You and Your date, You can select text- or voice chat to get in touch in the real world.

Hooxter is currently available globally for all Windows Phone users. Check more about Hooxter from www.hooxter.com

If You are interested to use Hooxter as a white label under Your own brand, please contact us to negotiate the price for it !


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