Your company planning to start getting benefits from IOT ? You are in the correct address for that!

We are familiar with modern IOT networks including Sigfox and 5g, cloud platforms like Azure and Google Cloud Platform and we are skilled in coding apps with all modern languages and frameworks like Go, Javascript, Kotlin, NodeJS, Java, Python and PHP. So what would be a better stack to start taking Your business to new level?

Please let us know Your requirements and and have a chat with You and based on that, I’m sure You are confident to start Your project with us!

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  • TaskProof

    The construction industry is under huge pressure during the digitalisation of it. Disruption starts from the main contractors, but the small operators in the business cannot ignore it. In smaller companies the change can be challenging and not just because of the culture, but also because of the cost Thats’s why we have developed TaskProof […]


    Ridefy is an app designed for You to share Your costs of using Your car on every day life. You can share Your ride either for future or dynamically for nearby users. Each ride can be rated so that You can always pickup a ride which has highest rank. You can also connect Your Ridefy […]


    Hooxter is the missing piece for people looking for new dating experiences. Hooxter makes it mobile! It is a revolutionary way to discover cities and meet new people in Your immediate vicinity. How does it work? When arriving to a new city, start up Hooxter and there simply pops up a map with the hottest […]


    Siirtolava is a service designed for transportation¬†agencies to offer centralized channel for individual truckers or trucking companies to acquire new loads for their waste container units. The service includes a website where person who requires container can post the order which is then send to nearest trucks operating in the area. The truck drivers needs […]


    Are You a team manager ? Have an issues to know who really performs best ? Who knows that better than colleagues ! Smileytrack is a tool to let Your team to vote colleaques by giving them Smileys on predefined periods (every week, every odd week, every even week, month). We send reminders on day […]