Mobile Application Back-end

There’s a lot of common functionality used in mobile applications, we have developed our own back-end server to ease the application development and improve time-to-market.

The Mobile Application Back-end Server (MABS) is written by using PHP programming language. The main designed principle was to have it scalable and easily extendable. The extend-ability comes as a side effect on applications designed well and using object oriented programming pattern and having design that allows “plugins” to be attached in to it.

We are running common MABS instances for all our services in cloud. The MABS can be deployed in any commercial cloud environment and is currently deployed in Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and Digital Ocean.

When we develop and application and in case it requires back-end server, it will be always done by using MABS. Besides our own usage, we are licensing it for third-parties as well. Third-parties can either buy at as managed service from us or get license to install it on their local servers. The licensing contract requires support contract which in general means that You will receive the latest updates and fixes for it easily from our private Git repository.

As a part of the licensing contract, we provide a complete API guide for the REST API in order to use pre-developed features and class reference for You to extend the features based on Your requirements. The support contract includes 8/5 support for developers and bug-fixes.

The key features in the MABS are:

  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Facebook connector
  • Subscription management
  • Push notifications for Android, iOS and Windows Phone
  • Email sending through Sendgrid
  • SMS sending through Pati Dure SMS Services (additional fees applies)
  • Database connectivity layer
  • WEB-GUI for subscriber management and reporting
  • Simple architecture to provide object CRUD, Search and Listing functionality to any type of content
    • WEB Stores
    • Ordering services

As an additional module for MABS, we have developed an advertisement platform which allows You to trigger advertisements for users based on location, profile and time.


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