Ridefy and 24Rent to start offering cost-sharing for rental cars.

February 25, 2015
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Pati Dure’s Ridefy is opening it’s Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) to external service providers. Based on the published API, 24Rent Rental services has started offering Ridefy’s “Share Your Ride” button for their customer in order to allow customers to share costs of the rented car.

The aim with opening the API’s is part of Ridefy’s strategy to be part of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) offering as it’s expected to  grow heavily in near future. In order to build successful MaaS experience for wide-audience, Ridefy sees that the key is co-operation between multiple actors in the scene and the main role in that will be the ease of use due API-to-API communications which can offer solid user experience for service users without need to navigate between the service providers.

More information about the co-operation can be read from 24 Rental Networks press release at http://www.24rent.fi/tiedote-25-2-2015-24rent-avaa-rajapinnat-liikkumispalveluille-ja-yhdistaa-yhteiskayttoautot-kimppakyytipalveluun-ensimmaisena-maailmassa (In Finnish only)

More information about Ridefy can be read from www.ridefy.com, currently only in Finnish. Other countries will be available soon !

If You are interested to start using the Ridefy API, please feel free to contact us ! Just drop an email to henkka@ridefy.com and let’s see what can we do together !

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