Way of work

Since we understand perfectly the issues people and companies are facing with out sourced development resources, we have find a solution for it which resolves most of the problems during the process.

  1. Waterfall based project model is so old-school
    It doesn’t make any sense to try to define everything before the real users has tested the application or service. You may have a great idea of how it should work, but that’s only Your idea – it does not mean that’s the truth.
    We working agile way. So for people who don’t understand what that means, short explanation might be needed. You tell us what the application or should off minimally and we develop it based on that. Then we put it online and wait feedback from users. If nobody likes it, we have decision point to make. Throw towel to the corner or figure out why they don’t like it. If we find a reason why they didn’t like it, we fix that and try again… The iteration will go over and over until we find the perfect set of functionality and usability that works.
    In traditional development models You would have spent huge amounts of money based on Your vision and then same amount for every iteration cycles and most of that would have been wasted completely…
    Of course we can give You an estimate range of cost, but that’s not binding…
  2. You have an great idea, but no money
    We might consider to do the work for You without any invoice ! But in this case, we want to get share of Your business. This model works only in cases where we believe in to Your ideas 100% and You are willing to here and receive feedback from us. If You are used to do things in “Your way” – this model will not work for You, but we can still do the work for You in Agile way.
    In Agile projects, the project never has a fixed cost. The hours spent on the project are invoice on hour-to-hour basis, two times per month.
    If You don’t want new associates for Your business, but still want to get it done, we have another option for You. Approximately every 1 from 10 projects turn to success. So we might do the work for You on model that follows that formula. That means that we do not invoice You until You start receiving revenue from the outcome. But in that case we charge the hours times ten as a “cost” of sharing the risks with You. If You truly believe that Your business will be a success, this cost will be still minor part of Your revenue.
  3. The team
    We are well connected, so we can provide an expert in nearly every are of business which might be related to this business. We know graphical designers, interface designers, business consultants, sales experts, project managers…. And of course – more coders ! We would like to work with people we know – that usually gives best results in mean of wasted time during the learning process of getting know how others work. Anyhow, it’s not a problem if You want to bring Your people in !
  4. And the cost of our work
    Is simple, 120 € / hour. Other costs based on invoices, plus 20% handling fee if we manage those. Plus VAT 24% where applicable.

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